Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Wöhrl was foundet in 1988 and grew up to a little middle-class enterprise. Our enterprise concentrates on machine- and system-construction. We offer production-transformation including elecrical systems, mechanics as well as all necessary system-components in this sector. The manufacture is refined by close cooperation with our partners in control- engeneering, fireproofed lining and isolation. It is rounded off by varnishing and handling the transport.
The material we use includes simple steel, acid-proofed high-grade steel,heat-resistant materials (16Mo3 – 1.4828) and black-white combination.
At the moment we employ 20 employies. Among them are die maschinist, metal-workers and precision-mechanics. Our spectrum of production comprises, beside the necessary machines for sheet-steel treatment: milling machines, lathes, CNC-guided drilling machine (X-axis 6000 mm, Y-axis 1800 mm), CNC torch, a plasma-cutter-system and UP-welding torch with revolving-system up to 4 m diameter.